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    5 Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Job Interview

    While there aren’t a lot of things that can go wrong in a job interview, the mistakes often cost the applicant too many points for them to get hired. Since every interviewer has his own style and mood, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how you can do things right every time. That being said, it’s better to just avoid the most common mistakes you can make during the interview. That way, it doesn’t matter who is asking you the questions.

    Mistake #1

    The first mistake is coming up with short answers to the question. Remember that you are the interviewee. You’re supposed to talk more than your interviewer. If you are posed with a short question, don’t give a short answer. Provide your answer and explain how you came to that conclusion.

    Mistake #2

    Another mistake is taking too much time to find the right answer. Most times, you will be asked direct questions such as why you left your previous job in which case you can afford to be careful about badmouthing your previous boss. If you’re asked a hypothetical question, however, there usually is no right or wrong answer. Instead, the interviewer is focusing on how you are constructing your sentences and the reasoning behind your ideas as this will have a part to play should you ever get hired.

    Mistake #3

    If there’s no question that asks for it, try to maintain political correctness. Crossing that line strips you of your professional image. Once that happens and you unwittingly offend the interviewer, he or she will step outside professionalism as well and not hire you. It’s sad, it’s true, and it happens. Stay on topic and you’ll be fine.

    Mistake #4

    Don’t come to your interview in worn out jeans and expecting to be hired on credentials alone. Come in the best attire possible. Most people will not admit a simple truth: looks matter. By looking good, you grab your interviewer’s attention. Follow it up with giving good answers to the questions and you’ll nail that interview.

    Mistake #5

    Whenever the interviewer asks you if you have questions, shoot. By not having any questions for them, you’re showing that you’re only interested in letting them know about you, your skills, and getting hired. By asking questions, you show interest in the company.

    There are more mistakes to avoid during a job interview, but they usually get remedied by just staying polite and smiling a lot. As long as you don’t make the mistakes listed above, you will have a good chance at landing that job.


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